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Support programmes

You can describe a significant part of our work as coordinating advisory activities; the creation of necessary connections. We stand with various lobbyists operating in Brussels and Luxembourg, but also in other European States, who are in direct contact and thus have access to a wide variety of funding support programmes. Many know and do not realize the multiplicity of international programmes. Anyone can apply for support. Most of the requests fail because they do not use a competent consultant. In contrast to the conventional application (filling in of forms of the wide variety of EU funding bodies), our work consists of processing your request flexibly to develop a custom application for your project with our lobbyists.

As consultants we also create the necessary business plans, flexible in adapting to the requirements of funding agencies and investors. These business plans develop gradually in cooperation with our lobbyists in accordance with the appropriate parameters.

Preliminary A written decision is then issued either directly from a allocating EU funding body, but mostly from a coordinating investor or bank.

What does this mean for you ?

To process a request, we need a short project synopsis (2 to max 5 pages), the self disclosure and the written confirmation that you agree with this approach. Requests in principle only by mail After receiving your application, we will check internally whether your project meets the current guidelines and requirements of lobbyists and investors and whether a redirection is useful.

In the negative case we reject and inform you accordingly. In the positive case, we send on to a neutral, government testing institution, provided all the feedback is available.  This applies in particular for a funding request. Here it is established first in an initial interview and a preliminary examination in cooperation with a lobbyist whether the request is reasonable and as such whether a processing by us, which is often expensive, is possible. The request for funding is made on behalf of the applicant. In cooperation with the lobbyists and their access to the EU and the investors we work out the relevant steps necessary to apply. The business data made available by you and the plans, such as for example the sales plan, can be optimized in the course of the discussions. This would result in an overall design that also includes a cover for the EU's funds or investors. If submission and processing of the request is accepted notionally, indicates that the company construction to be set up - a bilateral construct already exists.

An announcement of the reference sources for the procurement of corporate structures, our contacts with the EU or a direct contact to our lobbyists are proprietary information and are not disclosed. The correspondence is carried out exclusively by the firm Unicorn Group International LTD. & Co. KG. We will give you a permanent summary of the information we are receiving. Our service is complete when the service described in the offer are achieved. So that we can perform the initial processing of your project without cost, we ask you to acknowledge this letter with your signature. This information is part of the service contract to be concluded.